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OLFA 45-C Maru Carpet and Linoleum Cutter

  • OLFA 45-C Maru Carpet and Linoleum Cutter
    OLFA 45-C Maru Carpet and Linoleum Cutter OLFA 45-C Maru Carpet and Linoleum Cutter OLFA 45-C Maru Carpet and Linoleum Cutter OLFA 45-C Maru Carpet and Linoleum Cutter OLFA 45-C Maru Carpet and Linoleum Cutter OLFA 45-C Maru Carpet and Linoleum Cutter

The OLFA 45-C Maru Rolling Scissors Carpet and Linoleum, comes equipped with a sharp long life tungsten 45mm rotary blade a solid flat base for controlled cutting without damaging the surface underneath.

Blade Specification

  • 45mm Diameter
  • 0.3mm Thickness

Made from hardened plastic lightweight has round corners and an ergonomic large smooth handle gives this cutter a comfortable sturdy grip for easy use.

Olfa Maru-Cutter 45C is a professional safe slider, suitable for cutting a range of materials including

  • Carpet
  • Linoleum.
  • Roofing felt
  • Ground sheets
  • Vinyl
  • Resin sheet
  • Membranes
  • Fabrics
  • Sheet materials
  • Under felt
  • Shrink wrap
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packaging
  • Pallet wrapping

This is great tool if you need to cut a material without cutting into the bottom layer, the cutter is designed so that the cutting blade doesn’t come in contact with product/materials underneath the top layer

 12 cutting positions per blade for fewer blade changes and increase efficiency

 The tungsten tool steel blade can be quickly and easily replaced at the end of their life, no special tool required to change the blade

 Can be used both right and left handed

Suitable 45mm replacement blades available

  • RB45-1    (single blade)
  • RB45-10  (10 pack blades)
  • RB45H-1 Endurance Blade  (single blade)

Ideal for professional use in commercial environments, industrial or DIY projects, can be used left or right handed

All OLFA blades undergo an advanced production process micro-honed blade provides superior initial sharpness and edge retention, that results in excellent sharpness and long life. 

Made of high-quality Japanese grade carbon tool steel and designed for unparalleled sharpness and superior edge retention. Olfa Stainless steel blades offer better protection against rusting for longer use, suitable for cutting a range of other materials and substrates


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