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Olfa L7 & L7-AL Limited Edition

Olfa L-7 Limited Edition Model available in

  1. Olfa L7 - Pink
  2. Olfa L7 - Blue
  3. Olfa L7 - Green

Comes pre loaded with a 18mm Black Speed ​​Blade with a fluorinated cutting edge with the LFB symbol is installed.

Blade Specification:

  • 18mm Blade Width
  • 100mm Blade Length
  • 0.5mm BladeThickness
  • Black Speed Blade
  • Fluorinated Polymer Coated Blade

OLFA X design Comfort Grip series - Heavy duty cutter Sure grip handle made of elastomer for Acid and Aceton (oil) resistant

LFB is a blade whose cutting edge - subjected to two-stage honing, has been enriched with a fluorinated polymer coating. The low friction of the polymer coating on the edge of the blade results in a reduction in the force needed to cut the material, smooth cutting and long lasting exceptional initial cutting capacity. This type of technology is used, among others in the manufacture of shaving blades.

Suitable uses for Olfa cutting Knife:

  •  Craft
  •  Tape
  •  Sewing Threads
  •  Upholstery
  •  Carpet
  •  Window Tint
  •  Window Film
  •  Packaging
  •  Tape
  •  Wallpaper
  •  Shrink Wrap
  •  PVC
  •  Vinyl Leatherette
  •  Vinyl Flooring
  •  Fabrics
  •  Cardboard
  •  Karndean Flooring
  •  Wood Veneer
  •  Foam Board
  •  Plaster Board or Drywall
  •  Fiberglass Insulation
  •  Trim wood Shims
  •  Roofing Felt
  •  Roofing Shingles
  •  Cut Dried Caulk
  •  Wood
  •  Cable Insulation

OLFA L-7 Segment blade restricted arrangement! 

To give exceptional consideration to the L-7 model, OLFA offers a constrained, alluring cost brilliant arrangement of this model. Not withstanding the exemplary Black and yellow handle, they are accessible in 3 other shading variants, in which dark has been supplanted with pink, blue and dull green (handle shading is sent arbitrarily). Likewise, the engaging quality of these apparatuses is expanded by the way that one of the unique sharp edges - Speed ​​Blade with a fluorinated bleeding edge with the LFB image is introduced. 

LFB is a sharp edge whose forefront - exposed to two-phase sharpening, has been improved with a fluorinated polymer covering. The low grating of the polymer covering on the edge of the sharp edge brings about a decrease in the power expected to cut the material, smooth cutting and dependable extraordinary introductory cutting limit. This sort of innovation is utilized, among others in the assembling of shaving cutting edges. 

The new section blade with a 18mm sharp edge in the rear of the handle has an enormous gap for connecting a security link - keeping the device from falling or being lost, perfect with different metal handles, for example carabiner type. 

Agreeable handle shaped by two-segment infusion is made of non-slip elastomer fortified with polypropylene, 

In the L-7 model, the handle permits you to safely bolt the sharp edge at whatever point it is expanded. 

The stuck rope doesn't meddle with work or sharp edge substitution, the gap permits you to helpfully balance a blade on the divider or on a board with devices. 

Connecting a security link has without a doubt an effect on wellbeing when working at stature. The blade is perfect for working in places that require unique security.

The OLFA L-7 Pink is from the X-DESIGN™ excellence family.

This ensures a very comfortable handle which is anti-slip with an excellent grip, allowing you to use maximum pressure to cut, safely.

The whole handle area has a elastomer grip which takes a lot of the pressure off your hand, resulting in greatly reduced strain which can occur over long periods of use.

A re-enforced body with fiber glass gives the Olfa XH-1 ultimate durability and resistance to everyday materials and exposure to solvents and chemicals

The Olfa L-7 has a ratchet wheel lock mechanism that secures the blade firmly in position, however much the blade is extended out.

Olf L-7 comes Pre-loaded with an Olfa Excel Black ultra sharp speed blade Fluorinated Polymer Coated.

Features & Benefits:

Positive Ratchet Wheel Lock for maximum stability

Customer Reviews

Robert Merwiak

Fantastic cutters and blades - the only ones I use now - and buy direct from their website, not from other sellers!

Stephen Nichols

Great knife, very good for what I want


Great knife, very good for what I want

Russell Chapman

Delivered the next day and this cutter is very sharp. My hobby is leather working and the Olfa rotary went through 2mm of full grain leather like a hot knife through butter, a beautifully clean cut.

Denise Ward

Very efficient cutter, delivered very promptly.

A Lark

Excellent for Wall papering. It comes with a very useful holster that the knife goes into even when open and has a compartment for the spare blades too. Great.


Excellent for Wall papering. It comes with a very useful holster that the knife goes into even when open and has a compartment for the spare blades too. Great.

Fernando Silva

Im very happy with the items very good quality

Fernando Silva

Very happy with the scraper

Jean Scott

Excellent mat. Delivered quickly. The A2 size gives me the space I need for cutting with clear and accurate measurements and it really does heal its self. The cheaper smaller ones I bought were thicker and didn't heal as well leaving lines across the mat. There is s a little chemical smell when I enter the room but not enough to mark it down as I think the size and structure will always have this smell due to the materials they are made from. I am really pleased with this. Supplier Comments: Note: regarding the smell from mat, These are the New Olfa Reach Compliant mats,


Great product, great service, received the next day.

Juliana Hood

Strong looking incredibly sharp rotary cutter blades in a nicely made wallet for the spares. Super fast delivery. Thank you also for stocking replacement wave spring washer.

Trevor Loane

My order arrived safely and very quickly after despatch. very good service.

Mike Graham

Fabulously sharp blades, excellent value and impressively fast delivery. Great products, great company.


Very Good and sturdy item make cutting a 45 degree angle simple.


Possibly the best Stanley I have ever bought as its lasted years - bought this as a gift for a friend after he saw mine

Zee Lanoe

Wonderful item. Has made life much easier!

Mariusz Andrusiow
Mariusz Andrusiow


Keith White

These Olfa sk-10 safety cutters last and last, and as you can change the blades when needed, they are a very good buy. The knife is sturdy and well made and the blades can be placed in four positions to use all the blade and extend the life of it. There doesn’t seem to be many places that sell the sk-10, so I was happy to find The website is very user friendly and orders are easy to place. My order was processed and shipped swiftly and my items arrived within 2 days in pristine condition, so thank you to Olfa cutters for a job well done